Comoros "An electoral hold-up is getting ready"


The Constitutional Section of the Supreme Court of Comoros released last Saturday the final list of 13 candidates for the presidential election, whose first round will be held on March 24.

Proceedings for the annulment of the applications of former Vice-President Mohamed Ali Soilihi and Ibrahim Mohamed Soulé, the respective candidates of the Union for the Development of Comoros (UPDC) and the Juwa Party of former President Ahmed Abdallah Sambi, were found to be admissible.

The outgoing president, Azali Assoumani, candidate for his own succession, will face several independent candidates, including his challenger at the last presidential election in 2016, Mouigni Baraka Said Soilihi, former governor of the island of Grande-Comore.

According to the judgment of the Supreme Court, the other candidates are Achmet Said, Ali Mhadji, Said Djaffar Elmacely, Fahmi Said Ibrahim, Hamidou Karihila, Hassani Hamadi, Ibrahim Ali Mzimba, Mahamoud Ahamada, Mohamed Soilihi, Salim Saandi and Said Larifou.

For the former lawyer at the Bar of Saint-Denis "This decision of the court is a democratic retreat for the Comoros and prevents an electoral hold up. I urge all candidates, the political class, civil society and the international community, including our partners in the House, the opinion leaders and the group of goodwill, to take the floor peacefully to push the agenda. President Azali Assoumani to reason. We must push for a compromise solution that would allow inclusive early elections through the objective reconsideration of unfairly rejected candidacies. "


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