Comoros – Controversy around the importation of drugs


In the archipelago, the government wants to pass a law that will give the importation of medications by a single entity. The SNPO warns against such a monopoly.

The Union of pharmacists, SNPO, validates the need for a public establishment of administrative character in charge of the regulation of medicines and other pharmaceutical products. He warns against the dangers of such a monopoly, and proposes amendments to the draft law of the Code of public Health.
The authorities aim to end the importation of counterfeit drugs and the consistency of the price. Pharmacists have summoned the press Thursday, January 3, to raise public awareness of the risks of such a measure.
On the other hand, the union was surprised not to have been involved in the drafting of the bill on the part about the monopoly of the importation by this establishment.
The pharmacists will alert the day before yesterday, the public opinion on the fact that such a power attributed to a single body can only be detrimental to all.
In case of bad inventory management or transportation problem, it is all the country that would be deprived of drugs.
The SNPO calls for the retention of the right to import medicines for pharmacies in addition of this central purchasing.
But then the problem – that the State is attempting to solve here – the disparity in prices that can go up to
quadruple from one pharmacy to another for the same remedy, shall not be set.
On this point, the pharmacists intend to defend their right to competition.



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