Civil servants visit ministry’s construction site in Dodoma


About 40 staffs of the ministry led by the Permanent Secretary Prof. Sifuni Mchome yesterday visited the site to witness the ongoing construction progress of the houses under SUMA JKT.

The staff used the tour to chart various issues and strategise on other matters including environmental protection.

Addressing the staffs, Prof Mchome said his ministry would provide full support to the contractor—SUMA JKT to ensure that phase one of the projects is completed by January, 2019.

Prof Mchome urged workers to play their part in making the area environmental friendly.

“We will play our part diligently aim, as staff, you have seen the area, we must protect the environment and ensure that it remains green throughout the year”, the PS adding that every public servant in his office will have to plant a tree and take care of it.

From next year, the Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs will be working from the 31,000 square-kilometer plot.

However, the staffs have hailed the government’s decision to allocate ministries with funds and new studs in area.

“Once all the government ministries works from here, some costs will be reduced as communication challenges will be greatly reduced,” said Alex Banzi, procurement officer with the ministry.

Another staff, Miriam Kacheuka, hailed government’s decision to allocate plots and funds for construction of offices, saying the decisions is a clear indication that the government is commitment to relocate to Dodoma.

Ministry of Constitution and Legal Affairs and other ministries moved from Dar es Salaam to Dodoma early last year. The list also includes the Prime Minister’s Office and Vice President’s Office.

The United Nations (un) became the first international organization operating in Tanzania to officially move sti headquarters to Dodoma in December last year.

The new main office building, situated just opposite from the Prime Minister’s own office in Dodoma, is occupied by the country offices of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)o United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

In June this year, when handing over of title deeds to the diplomats and Ambassadors as part of the government’s efforts to facilitate relocation of the embassies to Dodoma, President John Magufuli assured the ambassadors that Dodoma will soon be having access to various quality basic social services and infrastructure like roads and airports.

The government decision to move to Dodoma was given a push by President Magufuli few months after taking office in November 2015.


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