Cinco Dias : Essaouira, a genuine jewel of the atlantic coast of Morocco

The city of Essaouira is a real jewel that stands on the atlantic coast of Morocco and embodies a unique beauty, resulting from its rich and varied history, stressed Tuesday the portal Spanish “Cinco Dias”.

This coastal town in the taste of the sea, contains an atypical charm and a sublime beauty that is reflected in its historical legacy and rich cultural and authentic, its magnificent architecture and mild climate all the year, very appreciated in the past by navigators, who stopped on his ribs.

“Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans lived side by side before it is fully occupied, from the Sixteenth century by the Portuguese, who were baptized “Mogador”, is the media Spanish.

This is only the beginning of the Eighteenth century that the foundation of the city of Essaouira itself took place under the alaouite sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abadallah, which has launched its construction from 1.760 and has made it a unique experience by loading architects to build a city adapted to the needs of the foreign merchants.

Thus, Essaouira has become to the first half of the Nineteenth century the most important commercial port of Morocco, but also a multicultural city and artistic, continues, “Cinco Dias”.

Its economy is based mainly on fishing, crafts and tourism, which is, in recent years, an important source of income. This pearl of the Atlantic, of which the Medina is classified, since 2001, UNESCO world Heritage site, is more and more visited by fans of water sports, one reads in the media Spanish.

Away from the hubbub of the big moroccan cities, Essaouira offers visitors a perfect setting to mingle with the local population, take advantage of its walled Medina and discover its souks, its traditional shops, crafts, museums and art galleries, of ingredients that may not appeal to lovers of adventure and thrill.

Essaouira offers visitors the privilege of access to one of his main fortifications, which is no other than “the Sqala of the Kasbah”, a platform enclosed by crenellated walls, which extends about 200 meters long and has a beautiful collection of european guns, built to defend the city, note the portal in Spanish, adding that “it is the only place where one can stroll and contemplate the great waves of the Atlantic.”

“Morocco is a destination of cinema … and Essaouira, in particular, is a city that has been chosen for a long time by many foreign directors to shoot their films. From 1949 to 1952, Orson Welles invests the old Mogador for filming epic Otello, taking advantage of his timeless décor.

Essaouira also hosts, every year, in the month of June, the Gnaoua Festival and musics of the world, which seeks to preserve, promote and spread the music and culture gnaouies in Morocco and in the world.


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