CAN 2019: Comoros seized CAS (official)

The Comoros have appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport to request the disqualification of Cameroon from the CAN 2019 qualifiers.

" It's official. The Football Federation of the Comoros filed an appeal with the CAS against the decision of the CAF to refuse to exclude Cameroon from CAN 2019 after withdrawing the organization, "said Tuesday the general manager of Coelacanths , Ben Amir Saadi, on his Twitter account. Comoros calls for the strict application of Article 92.3 of the CAN Regulations, which provides for the disqualification of a country divested from the organization. Cameroon and Comoros have an appointment in March in Yaoundé, to compete for qualification on the field during the 6th and final day of the playoffs.


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