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Cameroon: What youth are we talking about when elders refuse to show him the way?


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Another 48 hours will be February 11th, the day of the youth festival in Cameroon. It will be a day of intense activities reserved for the Cameroonian youth. But will the young of the sacrificed generation be partying? In 53 years, nothing will have been spared them: they will have known only two Presidents of the Republic, they will have flirted with the neocolonial power, with various murders; they will have experienced insurrections, riots, they will have experienced only various social crisis, unemployment, depraved morals, all drowned in a clogged horizon coupled with an uncertain future.

In all the four corners of Cameroon, all the youth will vibrate to the rhythm of the festivities of the 53rd edition of the national day of the youth

As usual, young people await the message of the Head of State who will embrace the repertoire of the already heard often drowned in the hazardous and usual promises.

The desperate Cameroonian youth is still searching for its brands under the eye of a myriad of evils that undermine it. In some of our campaigns, hundreds or even thousands of young people find themselves crammed into classrooms, sitting in front of an insufficient number of teachers. This phenomenon does not spare some primary schools of our great cities.

What training do these innocent people expect?

The Cameroonian youth of yesteryear had attended foreign schools and universities and had produced her undeniable skills but what did she do for her country? Pillage the resources of the state, fruit of the poor taxpayer.

The youth of today, like yesterday's, if she did not cheat, she is caught by the trap of the obsolescence of morals with all the consequences that entails.

The power of Yaoundé has always brandished the famous phrase "Youth, spearhead of the Nation" to deceive the Cameroonian youth or even a whole people. Today this youth evolves in step with the sociocritical situation of the country

The Cameroonian youth clearly and simply want to access knowledge, training and a better future. But how to get there? Equation difficult to solve.

The only alternative for young people: Fleeing or suffering?

How many are these young people who dream only to leave for new heavens because they no longer believe in the future in our country?

It is said from Cameroon that fish die of old age, that nature is so generous that a seed thrown into the wild grows without any particular care and gives fruit.

The various lobbies have given themselves logistical means to destroy Cameroon on a large scale in order to achieve super-profits on the backs of the poor citizens who continue to fall asleep in the notion of youth.
Consequence: The victimized people, reduced to the most total misery, undergoing the most dehumanizing treatments is obliged to go begging at the neighbors to thousands of kilometers ..

Today's young people have only one alternative: To undergo or go into exile in a country where they can find the freedom, the human dignity they have lost in their own country where they become foreigners.

Today thousands of Cameroonian immigrants are, for example, in Europe caught between two fires. On the one hand, the horrors that await them in their respective countries in the event of expulsion, and on the other the stalking they face in front of the border or immigration police. No need to go back to the conditions of detention of foreigners awaiting expulsion or better still the daily life of those who strut in the Moroccan desert "No Man's land"

A little more than five months ago, a researcher at a Belgian university said in Brussels that in Central Africa today, Cameroonian youth are among the most numerous who roam the world in search of their daily pittance while their country is full of all the materials and resources useful for their development. This finding among many others does not worry the power of Yaounde who has never thought to measure the magnitude of this massive exodus of young people bruised by misery to foreign countries.

For this it would be necessary that all forces that aspire to change and multiform progress mobilize and for one purpose: Improve the living conditions of man; respect and uphold fundamental human rights in Cameroon, where there is a kind of state dictatorship.

If Cameroon wants to continue to rely on a large dynamic human capital, it must have a courage of introspection and that of a youth rescue that has been done for 53 years. Otherwise all the capital of the Brettons Wood institutions can do it, nothing will do.

At 53, we are supposed to cross another course, that of wisdom and life leaving behind the memories of youth. Too bad, we are still young even if at 53 we have never had the opportunity to write a cover letter and a CV for a job.

What youth are we talking about? When seniors refuse to show the youth the way? The latter, left to himself must find him himself. It is time to stop using this youth. The proof of this is that every day, when appointing people to the higher echelons of the nation, we always take the same, and we start again with the same results we all know. It is therefore more than ever time to combat these retrograde mentalities that kill the dreams of succeeding and make the youth take back the faults of their elders.

Feb. 09


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