Cameroon, agricultural cooperative: François Mefindja Foka landed as general manager of Uccao


Notified to be eligible to claim his pension rights. He resisted. Following a session of the Board held Monday, March 4, 2019 at the headquarters of the institution in Bafoussam and chaired by Senator Honoré Djomo Kamga also senior head of the group Bandjoun, he was asked to pack his bags. An audit of its management has been ordered.

No extension for Medjindja Foka at the head of the Central Union of Western Agricultural Cooperatives (Uccao). Following a decision of the board of directors held in camera in the conference room of this group of cooperatives on Monday, March 04, 2019, the manager was asked to pack his bags. For now, the name of his replacement has not been made public. Honored Fo'o Djomo Kamga did not want to pronounce on the question. For him, the public will be informed of the decisions of this session of the Board of Directors of Uccao via a final communiqué. Still, things will not be easy. Because François Mefindja Foka does not intend to give up. Despite the presence of François Etapa, Secretary General of the Western Regional Governor and representative of the Governor of the Western Region at the said meetings, the outgoing Director of Uccao did not align himself on the position of the board of directors. This body hears in the coming days ordered an audit of the management made by the outgoing Dg in office since November 9, 2004 following the landing of Pierre Nzefa who had enthroned more than 11 years at the head of Uccao. It is also considering setting up a restructuring commission for Uccao. Because it is a question of revitalizing the Uccao and being able to make it competitive, and also question of clearing many months of cumulated salaries by its staff.

The specter of wage arrears

More than 60 years of experience in the production and marketing of Arabica and Robusta coffee. When the Arabica Coffee Cooperative Union was born on October 17, 1958, its sole mission was the export sale of arabica coffee from its four member cooperatives, the founders did not imagine that this embryo would be successful. and such profound changes. From the Union of Arabica Coffee Co-operatives, UCCAO became in 1978 the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives when it decided to diversify its activities, in order to preserve the UCCAO trade name which had already printed its names. brands in the global coffee markets. Since 1978, controlling the marketing of two of Cameroon's main sources of foreign exchange, namely coffee and cocoa, has helped to establish the reputation of this peasant enterprise both nationally and internationally. State partner also in various extension programs and agricultural research with which protocols and conventions are signed, the UCCAO has for this purpose two farms at Bafolé in Noun, and Bangang Fondji in Koung- Khi.The economic crisis of the years 1980-1990 intervenes, then the state liberalizes both the commodities sector and the cooperative movement. UCCAO is taking a hit. His reserves collapse, the group spirit dulls. The Union is going through waves. This situation is not peculiar to him; better than many other companies, it resists and persists even in the direction of the diversification of its activities and has faith in its future. But his projects are sealed. Important works for the improvement of the standard of living of the peasants such rural electrification, development and development of the lowlands, village hydraulics, construction of schools, health centers, bridges and culverts, opening and maintenance of the roads and rural tracks are unfinished. Under François Mefindja Foka, Uccao tries to revive. It is today a multidimensional society, dealing in coffee shops, and the cocoa it sells for export. She is also a promoter of a fruit juice processing company, which fruits are mostly grown in her farm Bafolé. But dark tables remain as to the management of this structure: unfinished projects or poorly conducted and employees who chained over years of salary arrears.


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