Africa News Cameroon: Célestine Ketcha short prints already in its brand

Cameroon: Célestine Ketcha short prints already in its brand


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The new minister for urban development and urban habitat stands out already on the ground with strong action.

Barely two weeks to the head of a ministerial department and Célestine Ketcha is already talking about it. The now former mayor of Bangangté, in the course of the last week has conducted a number of raids on the ground in the neighborhoods of the city of Yaoundé to soak up the difficulties faced by the populations of the several districts to be able to provide solutions.

Ms. Célestine KETCHA SHORT first proceeded to the visit of the Work Planut – Development of the Pathway Adjacent to the Building, departmental No. 1 in Yaoundé. Then, on Wednesday, 16 janviet 2019, it is up to the Kennedy Avenue that has made Ms. Ketcha in the framework of the visit evaluation of the conditions of mobility in Yaoundé.

In a participatory approach, it has invited vendors to come together in association to support the public authorities in the search for solutions to their problems and the Urban Community of well-educated lead to said collectors. Has the Rise that runs along the Building, “Dutch”, the rubble piled-up have been removed on the instructions of Mrs the Minister, after its passage.

In relation with the situation of the car parks, along the lines located at the Crossroads located not far from the Directorate General of Taxes and the Central police station, the Minister of housing and Urban Development (MINHDU) invited the Urban Community to create other spaces such and public toilets.

The Carrefour Etoa Meki, where the sidewalk is non-existent, Célestine Ketcha Courtès has also insisted on the need to expand the roadway and build secondary routes, in order to gather more easily the Carrefour Elig Edzoa, for which a study with a view to the creation of an interchange is in progress.

In the same order of things, and always for a better blending of the circulation, the patron saint of the ministerial department in charge of urban issues in instructed reflections to the situation of the Crossroads Texaco and Mobil Sports centre, and Carrefour Total Ngousso invaded for some by motorbike taxis and street sellers. Here, Mrs. the Minister directs the Urban Community and the owner of this service station to create a shed.

During the stop of the market of Etoudi, Ms. Courtès was able to take cognizance of the difficult conditions in which work the traders and ordered the Urban Community to find solutions to problems related to sanitation, water drainage and electrification.

The descent on the road to the district Nkolmesseng helped Ms. Courtès see its advanced state of degradation and to announce the beginning of his watering the next day and for several days, to reduce the thickness of the dust. An operation for which the residents are called to take up the slack, waiting for the imminent launch of the rehabilitation works, of which the one source of funding is the Project for the Development of Inclusive Cities and Resilient (PDVIR).

This is the same observation of degradation of the roadway that the MINHDU made it to the bus station on the Crossroads of a place called Mokolo “, stormed by drivers of motorbike taxis.
Speaking to the latter, the message is identical to the one conveyed to their colleagues met on the other sites of criticism : “work on the facilitation of the mobility, reducing congestion, causing, among others, of the enormous loss of time and pollution “. After the entry of the Breweries of Cameroon, the last stop of the procession in the department is observed in the Market, Mvog Mbi. Here, after having taken knowledge of the difficulties that they encounter in their daily part of work, Ms. Courtès invites the traders of this market, the image of those in the Market of Etoudi and hawkers Avenue Kennedy, in meetings scheduled Saturday, January 19, 2019 in his Cabinet.

The last and not the least remains the deployment of fishing gear in the commune of Bangangté in the morning of Saturday, January 19, to come and empty the pits of pipes at a place called “descent Acacias”.

An action that made the buzz on social networks and confirmed that the choice of the president of the republic to make Célestine Ketcha Short, minister of urban development and housing was one of her best cards in this latest redevelopment.



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