Cameroon, Bafoussam: The dynamic women of the MiFi connect to smoked fish


The Dyfam (Dynamics women of the Mifi), this association led for some months by Yvette Confidence Fongang intends to stand out by promoting the economic boom of the female population. Edwige. S testifies to contribute 1,500 days to household expenses thanks to income from smoking and the sale of dry fish at the "B" market in Bafoussam. Married to a motor taxi driver on the 3rd street of the Nylon district in Bafoussam, Edwige S., 24, is a mother of two. To contribute to the expenses of the household, she initiated for some time a trade of smoked fish. "At the end of the day, I make an average of 10 000 CFA francs. My profits are estimated at 2500 CFA francs. And I do not complain. Because I save at least the sum of 1000 CFA francs per day, "she says. She says, "Large quantities of wood, wood chips and banana peels are embedded in the oven to promote smoke generation. For example, they bring a golden color to the finished product (a criterion of choice for the consumer. "Ecologically, it must be emphasized that the use of traditional ovens exposes women to heat and the inhalation of smoke. Smoking technology causes a deposit of toxic products on the fish, which is carcinogenic and dangerous for the health of the consumers ", one analyzes in the scientific circles, which orders, for some, the setting up of the crazy people or improved smoking room.

At least three times a week, Edwige has to put himself in front of his fou-built in a traditional way from the cutting of a fut-to make smoke wood fire stoves. Sardines, salmon, tilapia and mackerel are varieties that do not escape the heat released by his traditional madman or smoker. The marine species preferred by western women for smoking are carp, sardinella, razor fish, tuna and mackerel.

Note, the equipment used for smoking fish are essentially the traditional smokehouse and grills. The grids require a significant investment compared to the oven. Traditional smokers have a capacity of 2 to 5 kg of fish per smoking cycle. The consumer prefers fresh fish more than frozen, but given the high prices of fresh fish, women prefer to smoke frozen. Frozen fish is therefore a substitute. After the defrosting of the frozen fish caught in cardboard at the fishmongers of the locality, it goes to the cleaning phase, before starting smoking. This step takes at least four hours of time.

The traditional smokehouse of fish as tools to valorize

"Smoking hot requires a period of cold smoking beforehand, the time to dehydrate the fish. This step, you will smoke your fish at a temperature ranging from 82 to 93 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is lower, it could be contaminated by microbes or bacteria. If the temperature is too high, it will disintegrate. Smoking sardines or mackerel are significantly easier. They require maintaining a temperature of 82 to 115 degrees Celsius. A cooking thermometer will help you determine if your fish are cooked. All you have to do is eat your food, smoked properly at your home, "explains Téguia Takam, trainer in fish smoking technique in Bafoussam. Invited by Yvette Fongang, president of the Dyfam, this one, Saturday, February 13, 2016 transmitted the said knowledge to more than 70 women mobilized by this organization at a place called "explosive crossroads" in Tocket -Bamougoum.

At the end of this training session, Matet, a local septuagenarian, salutes the young trainer's prowess. According to this trainer in fish smoking, the small fish are smoked whole. Large fish are smoked after opening in the head and lower back. They are washed several times, sorted and chipped. Then, they are spread on the grids by positioning the fat ones downwards. When the quantity is large, it must be observed that "the grids are superimposed on one another. The order of the grids is inverted to similarly cook all the fish, "he says. "For over 50 years, we have always bought smoked fish in the markets. The fish we eat come from Douala or Magba in the Noun department.

Here in Bamougoum, we use smoked fish to season the yellow sauce with the crushed taro as a complement. He also us an ingredient when we prepare the pistachio dish. Not to mention that for banana mixed with crushed peanut, we also need smoked fish, "she says. Ms. Nguedjo, vice president of the Dyfam is also satisfied at the end of this training session. "We have achieved our goals. Allowing women to learn to smoke fish is a way for us to encourage them to consume enough of this vitamin-rich commodity at the level of their respective households. They can also sell the surplus on the local market, "she says.


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