“Business of malaria” : here is the miracle plant present in Senegal, and that hiding WHO


Even today, malaria is part of the biggest killer diseases in the world with more than 500,000 deaths each year, especially in Afrique.De more, the parasite that causes it is becoming resistant to the medication and the vaccine promised for 2018 was disappointing. Yet, a plant, very rampant in Senegal, would be very effective against malaria. But WHO forbade its use. Is this a process of the Who to protect people or make it a “business” on the sick of malaria ?

Today, the journal France24 has published a documentary named “the Malaria Business”, directed by Bernard Crutzen, the author of the film of the same name. Through his film, he denounced, in November last, the actions of the who, which is hidden intentionally artemisia (Kadd).

“During this time, african researchers, europeans and americans show that a simple herbal tea of Artemisia can prevent and cure malaria. Used for two millennia in China, this plant is yet not recommended by WHO and banned in Belgium,” said Bernard Crutzen, the author of the film “the Malaria Business”.

“Artemisia is not a problem for those who have made malaria a business,” says one of the speakers in this documentary.


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