Bouteflika Dismisses a Fifth Term and Postpones Elections in Algeria

Algiers, Mar 11 (Prensa Latina) The President of Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, dismissed on Monday his participation in elections and a fifth mandate while announcing the postponement of them, he assured in a message to the nation.
There will be no fifth term, affirmed the 82-year-old President in a message posted on the official Algerian news agency APS.

He commented that the postponement of the elections, agreed initially for April 18, responds to eliminate ‘any misunderstanding regarding the convenience and irreversibility of the generational transition to which I am committed.’

Bouteflika also announced a government overhaul to achieve greater mobilization of public authorities and improve the efficacy of the State’s action in all areas.

This new Republic and this new system will be in the hands of Algerian new generations who will be the main players and beneficiaries of public life and Algeria’s development of tomorrow, the President ensured.

To this end, he called for an inclusive and independent National Conference to adopt ‘all kinds of reforms’ that will serve as the basis for the new system.

The leader once again greeted the peaceful and civic nature of demonstrations that started on February 22 against his presidential candidacy and that have included several social sectors such as journalists and students.

I understand the message of youngsters in terms of anguish and ambition for their own future and for the country, Bouteflika said in the message.

On Monday the government asked for judges’ neutrality after the refusal of part of them to supervise the elections if Bouteflika maintained his candidacy.

This occurs since yesterday when the Head of State returned to the country and thus, more demonstrations were expected.

Bouteflika himself asked to maintain vigilance to an ‘eventual infiltration of this peaceful expression by some insidious sector, internal or external’.

In turn, the government alliance – the National Liberation Front, the National Regrouping for Democracy, Algeria’s Hope Group and the Algerian People’s Movement – praised the peaceful nature of the demonstrations.



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