Africa News Bourita talks with Guaido (Venezuela): Morocco supports actions

Bourita talks with Guaido (Venezuela): Morocco supports actions


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NAsser Bourita had a telephone interview with Juan Guaido, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela and considered by some countries as the acting president. In case of Guaido's accession to the highest office, it is likely that Venezuela will withdraw its recognition from the "rasd".

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Nasser Bourita had a telephone conversation with Juan Guaido, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, at the latter's request on Tuesday, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs. International Cooperation.
On the occasion of this interview, Mr. Bourita informed his interlocutor of all the attention with which the Kingdom of Morocco follows developments in Venezuela, DFAIT said in a statement.
The Minister also expressed to Juan Guaido the support of the Kingdom of Morocco for all actions taken to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Venezuelan people to democracy and change.
During this meeting, Mr. Juan Guaido expressed his will to relaunch, on a healthy and serene basis, the relations of cooperation between Morocco and Venezuela, and to remove the obstacles that may have tainted their evolution.

Venezuela intends to "reconsider its recognition of the Rasd under the government of interim President Juan Guaido," Manuel Avendano, foreign affairs advisor of the Venezuelan National Assembly (Parliament), said on Tuesday in Caracas. body controlled by the opposition.
"Venezuela will reconsider its recognition of the Saharawi Republic under the government of Guaido," said Avendano, in a statement to the MAP, noting that the recognition of the "rasd" is more related to ideologies left, like those of Nicolas Maduro's regime.

"The recognition of the Rasd is more related to ideological causes of left, rather than a real quest for a peaceful and political solution to the dispute around the Sahara," he said.

The Venezuelan official said the Guaido government's priority is to restore relations with Morocco, given the common denominators and history shared between the two countries.


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