BNP-Paribas denies its departure from Morocco


Recent rumors have reported the departure of BNP-Paribas and its subsidiary BMCI of Morocco. Unfounded rumors as just recalled a statement from the banking group that clarifies at the same time, its ambitions in the kingdom and Africa.

A BMCI press release came to put an end to some information published on media media reporting a possible "withdrawal" of BNP-Paribas group of the kingdom.

In this press release, BMCI recalls that it has been present in Morocco for more than 70 years and intends to remain so for a long time. "The bank intends to continue to play a significant role in the growth of the Moroccan economy, accompanying it in particular in the new challenges of sustainable development", it is specified.

And the group to clarify its ambitions in the kingdom but also in Africa, recalling the pivotal role played by the country in the management of IS at the continental level. BNP-Paribas indicates that its "establishment in Africa is fully international and does not intend to withdraw from the continent."

It should be noted that Morocco is a central hub for the modernization and digitization plan for its activities. The kingdom was indeed chosen for the management of most of the 100 million euros of investments devoted to the overhaul of the information system of its activities in these areas.

The group finally says in the press release "permanently adapt its device in all the countries where it is present, according to the evolution of the markets, the technology and the needs of its customers."


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