Blaming Mthuli Ncube for the crumbling Zimbabwe economy is totally wrong


At times we just jump to conclusions without giving a thought about an issue. Mthuli Ncube is not the government.He is also not a member of ZANU PF. He was appointed to that position just because of his expertise (just like Dr Nkosana Moyo during Mugabe’s government).

Mthuli only draws a budget that he deems is best for the country, using what is at his disposal. He cannot create a budget that is not inline with the money given to him by the government to breakdown and allocate it to each ministry.

He cannot exceed in his budget plan, but he has to ensure that his budget is within what the government has provided or what is available in the government account.

He may wish to do things differently, but he is delimited by what is available. He may wish to increase salaries of civil servants, but the money for that may not be available. So, what do you want him to do? Do you want him to draw a budget plan that cannot be propagated?

Do you want him to make false promises?.Let us be reasonable when blaming people.l am apolitical and my reasoning here is based on the fact that he was appointed on grounds of his expertise. The position which he inherited is a hot one.

The economy of the country has taken a nose dive.If he tries to appease people by budgeting what is not available it will not be right. So, he has to work within what is available.You cannot promise people what is not available.

For example, he cannot promise to pay rent for all poor people knowing that that is not possible. He has to budget from what is available in government coffers. Plus the government can override some of his plans. (fair comment with no prejudice or bias).

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– Njabulo



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