Benin: The first letter of Expédit Ologou to the future deputies


The political scientologist Benin Expédit Ologou published, this Monday, February 11, 2019, the first issue of "Letters to future deputies" . In his address, the president of Civic Academy for Africa's Future ( CiAAF ) makes a number of questions about potential candidates for a seat in the Beninese parliament.

The author of "Letters to Future MPs" in this issue, questions candidates about their motivation and knowledge of the people they plan to represent and what they will do on behalf of this people once elected MP. Expedited Ologou wants every future MP to say his perception of the people of Benin. He wants to know frankly, what he – the future MP – is, his values, on which he can convince the Beninese that he will be a good MP and that he is trustworthy.

The President of CiAAF also asks each candidate what motivates his choice for the function of deputy instead of another in the Republic. Also, he asks, what the candidate intends to do for "free, fair, credible, fair and transparent legislative elections " pledge of peace. Read all of his questions instead in the letter below.


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