Call of Macky Sall, the international private : “Come and invest in Senegal”


On the second day of the consultative Group in Paris dedicated to the private sector, the head of State invited investors to come in mass in Senegal. “Come and invest in Senegal !”, their a-t-launched it.

He took the opportunity to say that the companies operating in the cement sector, will have to put their hands in their pockets and pay more taxes. “We cannot have a sector as important as the cement sector and do not pay the tax. This is valid for gas, oil, mines. There is a minimum that can’t be done,” he says.

On the other hand, he has promised to abolish the fee of $ 200 million per year that was asked to the internet service Providers (ISP), inviting orange to make room for the little ones. “You have to leave a little space so that they too may find their Nitrogen to push”, lance-t-il.

The president of the Republic has also invited the private sector to ensure on-time delivery of public works. “Those who can’t do the fast track can refrain. 0n has a university that is in the works for 5 years. It is necessary that the private sector speaks with its members. We will work at an accelerated pace and the government will be reformed. This is not negotiable. We are going to engage the dematerialization of the procedure. We have the funding, we have the Pse (Plan Senegal emerge), there is no reason for it not to go fast,” said the head of State.


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