Africa News Algeria Telecom is organising the first edition of the...

Algeria Telecom is organising the first edition of the Forum “KOODWATIC”


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Algérie télécom has the pleasure to announce the first Edition of the forum ” KOODWATIC >> scheduled for Saturday 05 January 2019 at the level of the opera Boualem Bessaih.

“KOODWATIC” will be a space for sharing experience and motivation for students in the field of information technology and communication, and Fostering entrepreneurship. The guest of honour of this first éditionSera El KODWA Pr Belkacem HABBA

To this end, Algeria Telecom invites all university students, all specialities, interested in this event to register via the web site by filling in the information sheet and to justify the affiliation to one of the academic institutions.

This forum will bring together more than 1000 university students in the company of the Pr Belkacem HABBA, a scientist and researcher in algeria, graduated in physics from the university Houari Boumedienne Algiers. He has worked for several companies in the digital technology world. Professor Belkacem HABBA f,rgure in the list of the hundred best inventors, totalling 1400 patents in the field of information technology, the internet and information technology and communication in America, Japan and other countries.


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