Algeria: Several marches against the 5th term Saturday in Bejaia

The street does not fester in the wilaya of Bejaia. New demonstrations against the candidacy of the Head of State for a 5th term were held this Saturday in several localities of the wilaya of Bejaia, indicate local sources

In Bejaia city, lawyers have walked the streets to demand respect for the Constitution and the preservation of democratic freedoms. The march in which a few dozen black dresses took place started from the seat of the Bejaia Court. The marchers held banners reading "Sovereignty belongs to the people" "For constitutional legitimacy" or "Lawyers at the side of the people". Arriving near the school, the crowd called outright the fall of the regime.

In the commune of Amizour, activists initiated a march in the streets of the city to denounce the 5th term. It took place in total calm.

In Kherrata, the mobilization is grandiose. Indeed, hundreds of people have walked the streets to demand the immediate departure of the regime. Protesters waved national emblem and black flags

Also in the wilaya of Bejaia, more precisely in the commune of Akbou, hundreds of people furrowed this morning the streets of the city to demand the departure of the regime and the withdrawal of the candidacy of the President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

According to our sources, another popular march was also organized this morning in the locality of Tichy located 16 km east of Bejaia. The march started from the Bacaro district before heading towards the coastal town of Tichy. The marchers chanted the same slogans the usual slogans.


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