Algeria: Solar panel manufacturers thrive in remote areas

Local companies that have invested in the manufacture of photovoltaic solar panels can survive thanks to the demands of individuals who live in remote areas, far from the Sonelgaz power grid.

This is confirmed by many solar panel producers who exhibited their products at the second edition of the international exhibition of the environment and renewable energies SIEERA , which opened Thursday at the Palais des expositions, Safex in Alger.

For Ahmed Nuancer, manager at Aures Solaire, a manufacturer of photovoltaic panels installed in the wilaya of Batna, "the requests for installation of solar panels are a clear progression compared to previous years". According to him, the farmers who activate in the southern regions or those who live in the mountains, prefer more and more to feed themselves with electric energy through installations of solar panels, that generators.

"Especially since the inhabitants of the mountains find it difficult to get fuel for their generators in winter, when snowfall block roads," said our interlocutor.

This same opinion is shared by Karim, sales manager at another solar panel manufacturer, who told us that despite the fact that the cost of renewable energy facilities is high, Algerian consumers are beginning to realize profitability in the long term. of these facilities. In addition, "the price of solar panels is in constant reduction," he added.

In this regard, he explains that a year ago, "the solar panel cost 35 thousand dinars, while it is now at 25 thousand dinars, and could go down even more in the near future."

Regarding the cost of installations of solar energy production equipment, the same official said that the facilities that previously cost up to a million and a half dinars, today their costs have fallen to 800 or 600 thousand dinars. "This has greatly encouraged the demand for renewable equipment," he said.

In addition, he continued, "the various projects launched by local authorities, through the installation of renewable energy equipment in schools and mosques, have helped a lot to boost this activity and create a market for the marketing of this equipment ".

Through their participation in the exhibition of the environment and renewable energies, these manufacturers of solar panels and other renewable energy equipment, hopes to expand their customer book, especially that the edition of this year is placed under the theme "The off-grid renewable energies serving a sustainable environment in southern Algeria and isolated areas ".


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