Algeria: The MSP supports the proposal of the sole opposition candidate

The Movement for Society for Peace (MSP), gives favorable signs to the proposal of the president of the Front for Justice and Development (FJD), Mr. Abdellah Djaballah to present a single candidate of the opposition.

The MSP executive board meeting on Monday, February 11, agreed in principle for the proposal of the sole opposition candidate, said a statement from the party released tonight.

"The National Executive Office agrees in principle to the proposal Abdellah Djaballah on the presentation of a single candidate of the opposition," reads the document that states that this decision was taken following a meeting held at the headquarters of the MSP Sunday, with Abdellah Djaballah.

In its document, the Executive Board recalls that MSP President Abderzak Morki has made this proposal. To take the next step in the realization of this initiative, the MSP National Executive Board calls on opposition candidates to coordinate their actions to face the dangers of the upcoming presidential elections.

However, the party says it will fully support this project once the opposition has chosen its candidate. An extraordinary session of the advisory council would be convened if the opposition could agree on the idea of the single candidate of the opposition.

Mokri got the necessary sponsorships

The party also said that its structures managed to collect more than 60,000 signatures from the electoral register as well as the 600 signatures of local elected representatives for MSP candidate Abderzak Mokri.

On another note, the executive board of the MSP asserts that the letter of the president does not meet the aspirations of its aspirations, particularly with regard to the independent electoral organization.


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