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Algeria: Ministry of the Interior gets involved in the promotion of renewable


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In recent months, the Ministry of the Interior has been involved in the promotion of renewable energies by involving local authorities.

An action plan for the territorial development of renewable energies and energy efficiency has been put in place, through the interministerial circular of 5 February 2018. The latter provides, among other things, for the substitution of lamps in public buildings and the park of public lighting, and the prohibition of the use of mercury lamps for any new installation.

To do this, it is planned a project to replace more than 77,000 mercury lamps in the 48 wilayas, with LED systems for public lighting, which represents 56% of the municipal electricity bill. This will generate energy savings of more than 60,000 megawatts, a gain of more than 277 million dinars a year.

At the level of non-electrified perimeters, the Ministry of the Interior plans the construction of small installations using solar photovoltaic energy, in substitution for expensive projects of electrical connection in network. In this sense, pilot projects will be developed for the photovoltaic electrification of 36 municipalities of 10 southern wilayas, and 134 municipalities of 14 wilayas of Hauts Plateaux, for a total installation capacity of 26,083 KW.

80 schools equipped with photovoltaic kits

At the beginning of last year, an instruction was sent by the Ministry of the Interior to all walis to equip renewable energy a school by wilaya.

Thus, 48 solar-powered primary schools were scheduled for the current school year, 2018-2019. But this goal has been largely surpassed with no less than 80 schools that have been equipped with photovoltaic kits across the country.

In this same trajectory, the Ministry of the Interior has planned to renew this experience by programming, for the current year, to equip a mosque by wilaya kit renewable energy, with a target of 100 mosques for 2020.

To speed up the pace, the ministry plans to require for the construction of mosques to introduce clean energy equipment as a condition for the issuance of building permits by the authorities. There is even a grant to help the builders of these mosques to use renewable equipment.

In this same policy of energy transition, another instruction was also addressed to walis by the Ministry of the Interior, concerning the introduction of clean energies in all beaches and places of leisure.

For example, all beach development programs, recreational forests and tent camps will have clean energy facilities. Solar kits will be installed even to supply all the sites of the brigades of the national gendarmerie, national security and civil protection.

Development of a SME fabric in the renewable

All of these local government projects are carried out by SMEs that are active in the renewable energy sector. In carrying out these projects, these small businesses have been able to gain experience in the field and create local jobs.

According to an official of the Ministry of the Interior, a list of all the companies that activate in the field of renewable energies has been sent to the directorates of the 48 wilayas, to invite them to carry out the projects of the program traced by the tutelage in the energies own.

This will not only enrich the load plan of these SMEs but make the renewable energy sector a promising niche for entrepreneurship, which contributes to the development of the economy and allows the creation of job positions. .

All of these projects are part of the national renewable energy program which aims to produce by 2030 more than 27% of electricity from renewable energy projects. But this remains dependent on a global dynamic involving in the first place the Ministry of Energy which supports the country's energy strategy, and which must ensure the energy transition in the broadest sense.


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