Algeria: The Front Al Moustakbal rejects the result of the senatorial

The Front Al Moustakba has formally requested today that it is launching an investigation into the conduct of the senatorial elections after the cancellation of the seat that had been obtained by the party, Abdelaziz Belaid last week at the renewal of half of the Senate seats.

The Party won a seat in the wilaya of Illizi, he had been picked up by the local secretary of the Front, M Omar Maatallah, and then was cancelled.

In a press release issued yesterday late in the evening following an urgent meeting of the political bureau of the party, we read that the direction of this last view it as a contrivance.

“Following the announcement by the constitutional Council of the final results of mid-term elections of the senate, we consider it unfair te unjustified cancellation of the seat won by the candidate of the party in the state of brother Omar Maatallah, chief of the office of State and member of the Assembly of the people. The responsibility for this act and the consequences of this disregard of the honour of the elected, and the credibility of the electoral process is entirely up to the wali of Illizi.
Therefore, the party strongly condemns this cowardly act and defends the right of the project in this victory meritorious. It shall be the responsibility of all bodies concerned and request an investigation into the matter.”


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