Algeria: Cnes calls teachers to mobilization

After students, lawyers, artists and journalists, the trick comes to university teachers to get involved in the popular movement against the 5th term and demanding political change in the country.

Indeed, the National Council of Higher Education Teachers (Cnes), launched Friday, an appeal to all university teachers across the country to hold rallies next Tuesday, within all academic institutions.

In its statement, Cnes supports the demands expressed by the street in recent weeks and announces its adhesion to this popular movement.

For the Cnes, what is happening these days is the logical result of contempt and the repression of liberties by power. "This popular movement is a natural result of the archaic politics of power in place. Practices that undermine social peace and democracy, "says the same source.

As a way out of the crisis, the National Council of Higher Education Teachers advocates the postponement of presidential elections and the convening of a national conference that will be in charge of managing the transition phase. A conference which must, according to CNES, bring together all the political and social sensitivities of the country.

The union believes that maintaining the date of the presidential elections could have serious uncertain consequences for the future of Algeria.

Note that CNES is a signatory of the call launched Thursday, by the inter-union. A call that supports the march of Friday, March 1st .


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