Algeria, Gravely ill and evacuated in France: what suffers Saïd Bouteflika

Said Bouteflika

Said Bouteflika, younger brother of the Algerian head of state, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, is seriously ill, to the point of being hospitalized in France. What is suffering the brother of the Algerian leader?

The younger brother, also adviser to the President of the Republic of Algeria, Saïd Bouteflika would be hospitalized in France, "suffering from pancreatic cancer. His disappearance from the political scene would be explained by a chemotherapy treatment he would currently follow in France, "said a source from the newspaper ObserAlgérie . The site adds that the mysterious disappearance of Saïd Bouteflika has been noticed in recent weeks. He would have been absent at the funeral of Mourad Medelci, former president of the Constitutional Council, while ministers, former leaders and important political figures, including Nacer Bouteflika, brother of the Algerian head of state stood out in the crowd.

"Saïd Bouteflika was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in a fairly advanced state. He is currently hospitalized in Grenoble, where a chemotherapy treatment would be administered, "says the source of the newspaper, which states that" the medical plane Bouteflika which was spotted flying over the Franco-Swiss border, a Friday 18 January, to land in the French city, Grenoble, did not transport the Head of State, but rather his younger brother (…). Said Bouteflika is now hospitalized for cancer, which would [push] him to slow down his activities ".

Said Bouteflika, very influential in the Algerian socio-political landerneau is evacuated at the moment when the candidacy of his brother president, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, to the Presidential, is agitated. It has also been reported that Saïd Bouteflika, before his evacuation in France, met with key figures in Algerian political life, with the aim of forming coalitions aimed at keeping his brother in power.


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