Algeria : Bedoui announcement of the prosecution against the 51 pages on facebook inciting Harraga


The minister of the Interior, local authorities and land use Nourredine Bédoui announced today Saturday, January 19, on his official page on facebook, the criminal prosecution of the directors of the pages and accounts on social networks that encourage, according to him, the young algerians to illegally leave the national territory.

“We have identified 51 pages on social networks that encourage illegal immigration (Harraga), and who will sow the seeds of despair and misery,” wrote the minister. He adds : “judicial records against the administrators of these pages are made up “.

For the minister, the social networks play a key role in the amplification of the phenomenon of haraga. “We are aware of the important role played by social networks in the incitement of the young to the haraga,” notes the minister continues : “These social networks have become the ideal terrain for smugglers to choose their targets “. These smugglers, added the minister, create pages and accounts with nicknames and never reveal their true identity.

Attempting to explain the phenomenon of Haraga, who takes on a scale not seen these dernies time, the minister refuses to make a link between the difficult situation faced by a part of the algerian population with the increase of number of attempts of illegal migration recorded in recent times. “It should be noted that the socio-economic situation of young people is not at the origin of the phenomenon of Haraga. The search for social status and easy gain are the main causes, ” said the minister, citing studies.


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