South africa : minimum wages to 211 euros


Infomédiaire Africa – Some six million of south african workers will benefit for the first time, from the 1st of January, a minimum wage of 3,500 rands, the equivalent of 211,75 euro, announced the president of south africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

“Millions of south african workers will benefit “, said Mr Ramaphosa in their new year’s wishes, noting that ” it is the result of many decades of relentless struggle and a vivid demonstration of the determination common to all the social partners to tackle poverty and inequality “.

According to the government, the minimum wage is going to benefit 70% of agricultural workers and 90% of house staff, in addition to companies in financial difficulties who will be exempt from the apply.

Its establishment is a first in South Africa. The ANC (African National Congress), the ruling hope that this measure will appeal to his electoral base traditional of poor townships and rural areas.

Former trade unionist-turned-businessman to success, Cyril Ramaphosa, who took the reins of the country in February, after the resignation of the controversial Jacob Zuma, promised to revive the economy.

The main opposition party, the democratic Alliance (DA), had voted against the minimum wage, believing that it would result in ” significant job losses “.

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