Togo – OIF agreement on the renewed headquarters in the West Africa office of the organization


Togo and the International Organization of la Francophonie (OIF) signed a renewed headquarters agreement on Thursday (February 21st) in the West Africa office of the organization based in Lome since 1982, reported the National Television.

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The Togolese administrator of the OIF, Adama Ouane, Thursday, February 21 in Lomé.

Photo: RT / CVN

The documents of the agreement were signed Thursday, February 21 in the Togolese capital by Adama Ouane, administrator of the OIF, and Robert Dussey, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese from outside.

The agreement, which for several years governed the relations between the OIF and Togo, " had to be revised for the simple reason that since its creation, the Francophonie has changed paradigm and the Francophonie is evolving. to other ambitions much stronger, "commented the head of Togolese diplomacy.

Mr. Dussey explains that the new headquarters agreement is " a guarantee by the Togolese government to continue to grant privileges and rights " to the representatives of the OIF in Lomé, " so that they continue to give the best of them- same for the achievement of the ambitions of the common organization.

Mr. Ouane, welcoming the agreement signed, recalls that the regional office of West Africa of the OIF is " one of the first regional offices of the Francophonie around the world ".

" With promotions and diversification of activities, it has become a very dynamic office to which the OIF always pays particular and sustained attention ," he added. The International Organization of La Francophonie, created by the Niamey Convention of 20 March 1970 under the name of "Agency for Cultural and Technical Cooperation" (ACCT), is a legal person under public international law and has a legal personality of which the head office is in Paris (France).

The OIF's mission is to embody active solidarity among the 88 states and governments that make it up (61 members and 27 observers). The latest report of the Observatoire de la langue française, published in 2018, estimates that 300 million speakers live on five continents.

Xinhua / VNA / CVN


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