Partnership agreement between Morocco and Italy for the development of the aquaculture sector


​Accord de partenariat entre le Maroc et l’Italie pour le développement de la filière hélicicole
A partnership agreement for the development of the helicultural sector was signed Friday, in Marrakesh, between Italy and Morocco as part of the 1st edition of the International Day of Heliciculture.
Signed between the Regional Investment Center (CRI) of Marrakech-Safi, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Marrakech-Safi, the Interprofessional Federation of Heliciculture (FIH) on the Moroccan side, and the Institute Cherasco International Helicultural Association and the National Association of Heliciculture on the Italian side, this agreement aims at setting up a snail export contract from Morocco to Italy and the creation of projects for breeding, valorization and transformation of snails that can generate employment and the integration of young people into the professional world.
The MoU also aims to create a research and training center helicultural in Marrakech can benefit from Italian expertise in this sector.
The parties have also agreed to create an annual event in Morocco around heliciculture with the opportunity to take advantage of this event to set up international cooperation operations similar to the economic days organized in Italy.
In a statement to the press, FIH President Nadia Babrahim said the goal of the agreement is to develop emerging markets from Moroccan production to Italy, set up technology co-development projects. to international standards, and thus carry out exchanges of expertise concerning the spiral sector between Italy and Morocco.
In a similar statement, the Italian ambassador to Morocco, Barbara Bregato, said that this agreement is the model of mutually beneficial cooperation for the two countries of the Mediterranean basin, noting that Morocco has enormous potential in this sector. with high added value for the Moroccan economy.
"Italy, which has world-renowned experience in the field of heliciculture, puts its expertise at the service of development of this sector in Morocco," she added, noting that the Kingdom is perceived by Italy as a hub and gateway to African markets.
The first edition of the International Day of Heliciculture, whose guest of honor is Italy, was an opportunity to take stock of modern technologies, scientific developments and new industrial and commercial trends in the world. the prospect of creating and developing B2B relationships and formally formalizing the signing of partnership protocols.
It also offered the opportunity to negotiate possible partnerships in the sectors of agriculture, industry, crafts, tourism in the presence of an Italian delegation of businessmen, and representatives of the town hall of the city of Cherasco and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Chamber of Tourism of the city of Cuneo.
The organization of this day also allowed Moroccan spirits to share their experiences and discuss the challenges they face and ways of consolidating and developing the sector.
The national production of snails is over 15,000 tons a year, of which 85% is destined mainly for export.
In 2020, the network will have to encompass nearly 10,000 farms, with a dedicated breeding area of ​​1,000 ha, which will produce 40,000 tons of snails per year and generate an annual turnover of 1.6 billion DH .


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