December 19, 2018 | Gabon : The new African Institute of Computer science before the start of 2019


The Association of Young emerging Volunteers (AJEV) has brought nine to the Institut Africain d’informatique (IAI) before the return of students.

The appeal launched by the faculty and students of the Institut Africain d’informatique (IAI) has found a favorable response to the Ajev, which not only bring something new, but that concern was raised by the best conditions of the students.

In order to enable them to resume studies in the best conditions, this association has conducted over the weekend, the sanitation of this establishment, and the lining of the paint on several facades of the buildings.

The institute, which showed a very advanced state of degradation in the wake of the financial difficulties, had ended by undergoing a makeover and put on a bright picture, which will enable students and teachers to be in a healthy environment and pleasant.

For Donacien Guifo Kouam, delegate teachers from the IIA, the establishment was in a state really abandoned. “With the support of this association,we perceive a lot of light, and everything goes well. There is paint everywhere. We are very happy with this assistance, ” he said.

The coordinator-general AJEV in the 5th arrondissement of Libreville, Dhyl Ibinga noted that it was not convenient to see a symbol such as IAI, is in an unacceptable condition. The institution was in high grass. But Ajev is coming to provide assistance to students in danger of bites from snakes hiding in the tall grass around the campus.

In addition to weeding, he was carried to the refreshment of the painting of the fence and several buildings. Also the general coordinator AJEV has desired that the issue be resolved in a comprehensive manner. “The association has made its contribution, the key point is that classes can resume in a healthy environment, he said.

Recall that the Institut Africain d’informatique (IAI) to accumulate, to this day, 10 months salary arrears. To celas’adds the non-payment of social security contributions of the agents. On the 11 member States that make up the IAI, only 4 States namely Niger, Burkina-Faso,Togo and Gabon, who pay regularly their contributions.

It should be noted that IAI is a school inter – States, based in Libreville, was established in January 1971 in Chad. Its member States are : Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon,the central African republic, Côte d’ivoire, the republic of the Congo, Gabon, Niger,Senegal, Chad, Togo.

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