Africa News '1.4 million Nigerians' applied for 5,000 Civil Defence jobs...

‘1.4 million Nigerians’ applied for 5,000 Civil Defence jobs – Premium Times Nigeria


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‘1.4 million Nigerians’ applied for 5,000 Civil Defence jobs

Under a new recruitment policy, shortlisted applicants will write computer-based examinations prepared by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

Federal officials working on the recruitment process told PREMIUM TIMES this week that 1, 477, 042 million applications were received through the Civil Defence’s website at the close of submission on September 7, 2019. The online portal for 2020 recruitment opened on August 9, 2019, running for just a month.

As part of the requirement for the job that pays above the N30,000 national minimum wage, thousands of shortlisted applicants would take questions similar to those set for candidates seeking admission into tertiary institutions in the country.

When the CDFIPB, a department under the interior ministry, first announced the exercise last year, it indicated that 10,000 people would be recruited into Civil Defence. The figure was consistent with annual intake for the NSCDC in recent years. The police also conduct a similar recruitment drive, taking in 10,000 officers and rank-and-file annually.

While the hurried elimination of 5,000 potential employees unsettled a large number of applicants, the main battle could still lay ahead in the scramble for the remaining 5,000 openings, according to another official source.

The official said the outcome of the written examinations and other pre-qualification tasks that shortlisted candidates would participate in may not necessarily determine those that would make the 5,000 cut.

Then, members of the upper-class are themselves victims of the Nigerian situation, the official added.

The analyst said the situation with NSCDC reflects similar recruitment drives by other public and private institutions.

Several years later, unemployment has soared, even as the country’s population continues to set new records. As of December 2019, unemployment stood at 23.1 per cent, per the statistics office, and projected to reach 33.5 per cent this year.

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IamtheOGee Wahala dey o! Toh God have mercy BMC- ‘they must be the corrupt PDP ppll who lost their jobs. No more free money’. Bubu has winned😎 It will go to the highest bidder What does that tell you? And you are proudly reporting the news Job that has been shared before the recruitment begins This is a full blown unemployment crisis in Nigeria! If this govt are wise, they would just resign and call for a new election! This millions of unemployed Nigerians, will one day turn on them and eat them raw! That time is coming soon!

2500 out of 5000 will already be allocated to eminent Nigerians… This is Nigeria… We are still comfy in this country, until the day we are all hungry then we would wake up. Job in Dubai.,….. Immediate employment. 2 years work permit…… Send DM

Policemen allegedly sell detainees for N80,000 per person to ritualists – Kwara community allegesPolicemen allegedly sell detainees for N80,000 per person to ritualists – Kwara community alleges TuesdayMotivation TuesdayThoughts TuesdayMorning ReadThis Nawa oo Great This police 🚨 Carlos acts is becoming increasingly everyday.

Speaks volume of the joblessness in the country and the youths who ought to protest are busy supporting the man who called them lazy. Good luck to em We have created job for the unemployed. Civil defense wen dem nor like o. 😁 They are just after ur application form money thats all Now … That’s a joke . Just stop

Simple show we are not lazy, and are ready to work. If work dey! When is it coming out self And they want to reduce it to 3k? Ife neme Sad. Obviously these 1.4 million Nigerians just want a job. Not that they really want the civil defence jobs. We will end hiring people who do not love their jobs.

‘Selling UTME form above N4,000 attracts prosecution’ – JAMB Registrar – Daily TrustThe Registrar, Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), Professor Is-haq Oloyede on Tuesday said any official found selling the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) forms to applicants above the official price of N4,000 would be arrested and prosecuted by the personnel of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

The country hard Sad reality and later the govt will come and say they have created jobs It’s a normal something Fact: only 2,000 will get the job The other 3,000 have been employed already Come to think if it, the people at the top have theirbslot in the 5000 and it still boils down to the point that the common man can’t get the job.

What else do you call Nigeria again? Imagine! A whole 1.4 million people 😪 Some of them are already gainful employed 1 .4 Million!!!!? This doesn’t mean the 1.4million applicants are currently jobless.Some of them have jobs already. Not that we love the job , we don’t just have a job .

Armed Policemen, DSS storm venue of Amotekun rally in OgunDozens of security Operatives from the Nigeria Police, Department of State Security Service (DSS), Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), most… You can’t stop the reign, Amotekun has come to stay. It’s the Buhari Regime versus The South. Where’s the silent Tinubu? Pls let’s every one follows wat d law says

There is high unemployment in the land Wahala dey oh Medd o Yes because everywhere you go it’s same story.. No Vacancy hun, even despite the 1.4m, how many have they given the job to Nigeria is a horrible Nation Codedtosin Oluwa o😭 This is one of the issues AMOTEKUN is established to solve. ‘1.4 million Nigerians’ applied for 5,000 Civil Defence ADVERTIZED jobs. The owners of those jobs do not apply for it. They’re given by slots. Hope we remember remi tinubu reminding the senate president not to forget their slots. When will ppl realize govt job is a scam?

They should join AMOTEKUN on time! AbdulHerphyz Buhari government is not creating jobs

ISWAP executes kidnapped Nigerian pastor – Premium Times NigeriaThe kidnapped chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa state, Lawan Andami, has been killed. Iswap, meyetti Allah, bokoharam are fulanis ethnic militias with single purpose to maintain political power in the north RIP to him. APC and Buhari should take action not rhetorics. So sad! May Christ whom he served grant him eternal rest. Amen!

May the most connected person win 😂😂😂😂😂 Lol! Chai. Work no dey town. Men don raster for streets finish. And the North will get 90% of the slot. The more reason why the youths should come together and plan for their own future. It is clear that the politicians don’t have you in their agenda. The situation is getting worse and they are going about their normal business. Ndigbo ibem,ka anyi kpakota wee chua ewu oji n’ehihie

tajudine2013 Legacy of our Failed 2004 Nat Pop Control Policy launched by Obasanjo when pop was 134+M.Policy intended a 3% annual growth reduction rate. By 2016 Pop grew to 154+M:Pop Control Policy failed within its first 2yrs & has ballooned to estimated 200M & Remains National Challenge.. That’s how bad it is

Even those who are gainfully employed because they think as a civil defense official you can oppress with your uniform. Send them to Maiduguri to fight Boko Haram, they won’t show up for muster parade. This is serious. What a country… A crazy stat. And our top officials we there squandering our money and wasting the lives of our youths. Lord arise and come to our rescue.

Unemployment is 23% faa kayteepass The real thing is that all the ogas at the top have candidates. The cows without tails are only wasting their time. But I hope something will happen soon when everyone shall be fed up with this mendacity.

EPL Round Up: 10-man Arsenal hold Chelsea in London DerbyArsenal showed tenacity on Tuesday as they twice came from behind to earn a 2-2 draw with Chelsea…………………………

And they’re still want to reduce it to 3k, what shit kind of planning ? Hon. Gudaji Kazaure Are there jobs for the people to apply? Our leaders are busy amassing wealth for them and families rather than creating job opportunities by building industries. I hope this is not my Oga at the top kind of recuruitment? I hope it’s free application or fee applies?

Kaykay_50 Funny country where people applied for govt job but don’t get notifications until it’s about 8months or thereabouts I can’t wait for this thing to explode. Time bomb GbemiDennis After the nnpc June 1st suffering, if I don’t know the president, I will never apply for federal Government job. I will rather sell power bank. I suffered that day. Awon werey

Lol. As usual. Come to think of it the 5000 slot might have been allocated to senior citizens. This is really sad. The sad thing is, half of the spots have been given out as slots to our polithieves. Seriously

WHO mulls declaring ‘coronavirus’, global health threatFollowing the announcement by China’s national health body that the new coronavirus can be transmitted from person to person,… Boko haram. Iswap, lassa fever, buhari, coronavirus . What a time to be alive

are you for real 😔 Dangerous trend Average of 280 applicants per position. Scary!💔💣 Tell them the screening is going to hold in sambisa forest the number will reduce to 4,000. Is that the reason why they withheld the list, even that number is not enough for the cabal to share within themselves.


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